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Orgami yoda book 7

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Tom I completely understand that you won’t do another origami Yoda book, but to get all those origami Yoda fans out there excited, I am happy to announce that I will continue the series myself!I don’t plan to get it published, but I’ll post the chapters! If you have any ideas or questions, submit them with #OrigamiYoda7. Also Tom,I would be honored if Kellen got to doddle in it! Here’s the plot:
Ever since origami Yoda left in the Mail-lennium Falcon to help captain Micah, it has been a dark time at McQuarrie Middle School.With Rabbski as their new math teacher, the new principal, Mr.Ross, a hardcore test-preparing Nutjob, is ready to replace the electives with Xtremefun!!! It gets even worse, dr.Edu-fun has a puppet of his own: The ruthless Kylogami Ren! With Edu-fun stronger than ever,Tommy and the gang know there’s one thing to do: Ask origami Yoda.Dwight calls his former finger puppet one more time, but will he save McQuarrie, or let it fall?

Oh yeah, of course I’ll post the instrux for my Kylogami Ren!