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Origami Yoda

Open Letter to All SFs Tom and Sam

SuperFolder QueenMarci

I am going to speak very formally. To the SFs, I’m sad about the loss of the TZ, who isn’t right? But we have to forget about it. Stop begging the admins to bring it back. It’s THEIR site not ours and we cannot change that.

For Tom and Sam: We’re sorry for our pattern of let downs. The first time we can all agree was DEFINITELY the troll’s fault. But each suspended moderated SFTZ made you guys lose trust little by little until at the climax, the tables turned and now it’s gone forever.

But, I suggest not being so harsh about chat. No to be rude or anything, just to get that squared up. Chatting has become our fetish. We can’t stop talking to people. But by eliminating the Talkzone, people can’t get to know each other enough to get along. That’s the number one reason people are suspended every day on this site. Deep down everyone knows what I’m saying is true.

No, I’m not asking to bring it back no matter what, but the least you can do is forgive us. And maybe, just maybe, give us one last chance. I may be physically handicapped, but my mind is as sharp as ever. This is all I ask from you Tom and Sam and SFs too. Be good!

-With all honesty and love,