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Origami Yoda

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Setting: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Date: August 3, 2029 A.D.

Time: 6:56 PM Eastern

1: The Plan

My name is Thomas Lomax, a survivor of the crazyness of Lucas County schools down in Virginia. About 15 years ago, a kid named Dwight Tharp brought a puppet named Origami Yoda and most people should know this. Well, after the rest of middle school and at 12th grade prom in Lucas County High School, my supposed soul mate Sara Bolt left me. I haven’t had a date since. Now I realize what I must do. In order to stop my grieving every day, I must send back something that made Lucas County famous: an origami puppet. It will look like the Terminator, a cyborg assassin from the movies. I drew the metal endoskeleton underneath the head and drew in the rest. I opened my time machine that I bought last week, and threw it in. Of course I knew my past self wasn’t going to hold it, so I contacted my psychic friend Kenny to send a thought to his past self instructing himself to wield the puppet. Sure hope this works.

2: A counter-plan

Hello there. My name is Dwight Tharp and my Origami Yoda told me something just now.

Into the past, an enemy has been sent.
And time is running out.
Stop this disaster, we must.
Destiny begins now.

I understood his every word and sent back an origami Kyle Reese to defend Tommy and Sara’s relationship. (I know this because I deduced it from the prophecy.) In case you don’t know who Kyle Reese is, he is the one who defended Sarah Connor in the first Terminator movie. Anyway, I have opened my time machine and inserted origami Kyle Reese. Here goes nothing…

Setting: McQuarrie Middle School, Lucas County, Virginia.

Date: January 17, 2014

Time: 8:00 AM

3: I’m gonna terminate Sarah Connor

My name is Kenny Wilson and I have intercepted the origami T-800. I saw it needed some markers to draw some clothes. So, I went to the 8th grade hallway from the seventh grade hall and I saw Zack Martin and some other neanderthals bullying a kid with some markers. “He he he. Kid ain’t got nuthin on us!” said Zack. “Looks like he got an F in toughness hawn hawn hawn.” said Zack degradingly. I walked up to them with the origami Terminator and said “My puppet requires markers to draw some clothes.” Immediately after, all four of them erupted into laughter.” I punched Zack in the face. “Hee hee ho huk!” he went. The other three got tripped by me. I drew some clothes on the puppet and walked away. And in a perfect Schwarzenegger impression, I turned back to them and said “If I ever catch you guys bullying some one again, I’ll be back.”

4: Kylegami Reese

I found a strange puppet on the ground today. It had a note taped to it.

“URGENT! To past Dwight, this letter is from you from the future. Ask Origami Yoda to decode this and he will explain.”

And so I did. I picked up Kylegami Reese and set out to prevent a chronological disaster.

5: Intercepted!

My name is Sara Bolt. Dwight found me with my origami Sara Connor and told me a wacky story about “destiny” and time travel and Terminators. But I didn’t believe him (at first). Just then, I saw Kenny turn the corner with an origami T-800. “Hasta la vista, baby.” he said and fired an origami paper dart, which pierced the corner of my origami Sarah Connor. I ran and told the story to Tommy. He held me tight and said nothing would come between us. Dwight dodged around Kenny’s fist but was knocked to the ground. The pursuit continued throughout the school.

6: They don’t know!

“STOP RIGHT NOW!!!” yelled Ms. Rabbski. “What in the blazes is going on here?” I explained the story to her from Kylegami Reese’s mouth. She didn’t believe one word of it and sent us to ISS for an hour. After we were released, Kenny attacked from the cafeteria. Shoving sixth graders to the side, he tore Kylegami Reese in half. But Sara was smart and used Sarah Folder to swipe the T-800 with a sharp pencil, revealing the robotic eye. Tommy gasped. I quickly threw it into a cheerleader’s mashed potatoes and she “mashed” it to pieces.

7: The future is saved.

Everyone sighed in relief. Kenny was suspened and sent to CREF for violence and mailcious intent. Now let’s see how to future holds up.

Setting: Harrisburg Pennsylvania.

Date: November 14, 2029

Time: 3:02 PM

8: Success! (Or so I thought)

My name is Dwight Tharp, and the past and the future have been secured. Maybe. I know Tommy might try at a second attempt but for a different purpose. Who knows?

Papernator 2: Judgement Fold. Coming soon!