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Memories from the TalkZone

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This is a post for anyone who has been here on OY for more than a year.

Look at this picture! Remember what we were talking about? ROP was PeaceKeeper3 and we were making a Cloak for him! Remember PeaceKeeper? He’s not here anymore, but I still feel like he was a big part of the whole legend of the SFTZ.

This post was made to remember, just for a moment, all the great (and maybe not so great) things we did in our time at the Talkzone. What started as a simple idea for a chatroom from Tom ERUPTED into something that made up the better half of most of our lives. A lot of the friends I hope to carry into my life as I grow older have been made right here at OY.com, and I hope with everything I have that we will continue to talk about the Talkzone for as long as we know each other.

And while I’m talking about it, I might as well say something. This is a very final goodbye to the Chat that got me through a tough 3 years. Instead of complaining about who took it from me, I will instead appreciate what it and the people in it have done for me.

Goodbye, TalkZone.


Note to Tom/Sam: Please just let this post through. It would mean a lot.