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Origami Yoda

Lego TMNT lair

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On October 3rd, I went to this LegoFest. It was Stooky, but the best part was the store! It had a TON of Lego stuff (I also got a Star Wars set as well, so don’t panic). This was part of my haul. Let me share with all of you:

Photo 1: the whole lair

Photo 2: Leo vs. Foot soldier

Photo 3: Donnie in the lab

Photo 4: a foot soldier trying to break in. (Does he not see the panel on the wall?)

Photo 5: Splinter VS. Shredder, The Ultamite Showdown

Photo 6: Shredder

Photo 7: Splinter

Photo 8: Foot Soldier

Photo 9: Foot soldier (on motorbike)

Photo 10: Leonardo (on skateboard)

Photo 11: Donatello

Photo 12: Donatello (with goggles and staff battle ready)

Enjoy! (I feel like Hansel will)