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Last Harry Paper

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The announcement, by John

It was late one Friday night I had finished my homework I as scrolling through youtube when I saw the principal had sent out email and I quote

“Hay students and parents this year we’re doing a special treasure hunt. For electives, the student(s) who find the diary of Mrs.Courtney will get to pick (If allowed by the school) the new electives class!

Oh no I thought what if Custard… oh yeah, thats right Custards nice now. And I’m not joking he’s a really nice guy but every once awhile he’ll try to attack Lula but it’s just in his instincts. But anyway school has been really boring without harry paper. That’s when I remembered Lula was going to make a new one but 3 months later and were bored out of our mind. So I made my own origami finger puppets Fred and Gorge they were actually pretty good. So I brought them to school the next day…

New Threats, by Evan
In the ashes of you know who there has risen a new dark power the shadow folders and there worse much worse than you know who. And they’re out to get the diary and they’re not stopping until they have it. All of there members have finger puppets with black cloaks. And they will not stop until they have that diary so I gathered the order of the phoenix folders. That’s when Lula pulled new and improved harry. It was better than the original. But other than that I had folded origami Snape (which was awesome) Derick had Hagrid, John had Fred and Gorge, Henry had Sirius black, and custard had the best decorated one out of all of us he had a Buckbeek version 2. John looked at it like it was a ghost. Foldamort had destroyed it a few months ago and somehow Custard remade it.
“I believe this is yours,” Custard said softly
“HOLY CHEESE-IT!” John exclaimed

The first battle, by Levi
Sup, my names Livi and if you think I’m a new kid you’re wrong I’ve been at this school since kindergarten. But just recently I joined the order of the phoenix folders. So when I joined they told me I needed an origami finger puppet from Harry Potter so I decided to fold Luna Love-good. The next day this kid tried to knock the snot out of me with a finger puppet so I took mine out hit him back. Then 12 more came running after me. Then I remembered I had told 13 people that I knew the location of the diary I was just joking but they didn’t think that. I would have been toast if Lula hadn’t saved me
“Thanks!” I exclaimed quickly.

The diary’s location, by John

YAY A NEW EMAIL. Ps.that was sarcasm

Dear students and parents, The location of the diary is in the wooded area of the school good luck finding it!


The last battle, by Lula

It was seven o-clock in the morning and something seemed wrong then it hit me like a brick. This would be are last battle! The order of the Phoenix Folder’s were standing at the wooded area’s entrance. Then a large black cloud rose about 10 feet away and in it there was something none of us were expecting… Foldamort! His 13 followers were behind him. I looked to my right and all of the Phoenix Folder’s were gone except Levi. Then he tried to hit me and Harry with a dark curse. And on his finger sat Foldamort, not Luna Love-Good.
“You’re a traitor!” I yelled
“Of course how could you be so stupid as to think I was on your team. I’m getting that diary and making a ban on all origami except for Foldamort!”
Then I shot him with the most powerful spell Derrick had. He easily dodged it. After that, he punched me in the gut. Finally, I knew what was happening every time I created Harry I recreated Foldamort. So the only way to defeat Foldamort was to destroy Harry. As quick as lightning I ripped Harry in half. Foldamort immediately disappeared and from then on I never made another Harry Paper

Evan’s comment: just so you know we’re all fine and if you think that chapter was intense wait for the next one

Explanation, by Evan

This story was completely true… kind of. At first It was made up in my head when I made a real Harry and a real Foldamort me and my friends played a game were Harry would do things like do our tests or save us from Foldamort but it just made Custard (actually Caleb) really mad so I ripped Harry in half and swore to never make another.