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The Flash Folder pt.2, by Evan
I couldn’t believe it Lula was one of my dearest friends from 4th grade and she’d been homeschooled since then but somehow in someway she managed to find me and John. Then behind her came John with a Cyborg puppet and paper ball launcher that was supposed to symbolize Cyborg’s repulsors. Lula’s puppet was not a puppet but a paper airplane that was red with yellow lightning bolts. Her weapon of choice was a Tin foil boomerang witch she could charge with electricity using her hair.
“We don’t have much time. The people who have been attacking you are gonna unleash the horror that is Dooms Day!” Lula whispered in my ear,
“When?” I asked
“One week from now” John answered
“Ok, we have that’s long to prepare.” I concurred
I ran down the hall to my back pack to start writing it down.

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