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SuperFolder ObiWan333

Hello Superfolders,
This will be a really long post, so please hang in there. I want to start off by stating what a big Origami Yoda book series fan I am. Mr. Tom, I am a huge fan and my friends and I like to make references to your books as much as we do Star Wars impressions. As I understand it, you cannot make anymore books to add on to the series but I’ve been browsing the internet and this site and you’ve consistently said we could make a story. I am a junior in high school and I wouldn’t say I’m the greatest story maker but I’ve made my own comic book series and the people I share it with think it is stooky. I have been considering creating a story that I would share to the community of Superfolders (of course, most characters and ideas would have come from you Mr. Tom and I give you full credit). It would be a novel (sorry, no pictures! I’m bad at them) and involve revisiting our beloved characters of Tommy, Dwight, etc. I know many fans of your series have been begging you to make a new book. If I could, with your permission, I have some ideas that I want the superfolders to vote on and I would have a story made. To keep this post as short as possible, I’ll get into further detail in later posts. But for now, I would like to give these story options to the superfolder community:
1-The OY gang during COVID in high school.
2-In the future when all the kids are grown up and busy with their adult lives but are pulled together at an event where they reminisce of their past and are on a journey to solve a mystery of some sort
3-what happens shortly after the events of “Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus”
4-a civilization in the future where origami is part of the culture and a long generation of descendants speak wisdom through Origami Yoda
5-All the original kids are grown ups and are parents and we experience their kids’ journey in McQuarrie Middle School.
These are my top ideas for stories that I just came up with and my favorites are probably 2, 3, and 5.
I would love feedback and perhaps more ideas but for now, I would like superfolders to vote on which idea they would like to read a story of. Option 1- Instructions, please! Option 2- Stooky! Option 3- Fizzpop! Option 4- Waffle-tastic! Option 5- Epic! (I know their is the whole showcase thing going on, so the comment might not be for me, but I’ll count them as well, unless Webmaster Sam saves this post after New Years). Thank you for reading this long post and I hope you all give your voice in a story you would like to hear, and finally: May the Force be With You all. =)

TOM SAYS: GO FOR IT!!!!!!!! After 2020 we need all the fun we can get in 2021!!!


SAM SAYS: I took your hint and did save this for New Year’s Day. It’s a great way to start things off!