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Its was a normal day at Ridgeview 4th grade [my private school] when he showed up. And when I say he I mean Harry paper, he was on this kid named Lula Whitfield she was awesome at origami and loved Harry Potter. but anyway I freaked out when she had an origami harry potter on her hand “How did you make that!?” I asked “I’ll tell you later but for now don’t tell Cus-“ she was cut off bye Custard Matthew the school bully. “A origami Harry potter, can you even call that origami. HA” bye the way the origami harry was amazing its red coat shined like metal, and his hair looked so realistic, but the best part was the scar it looked painful just looking at it, but of course Custard had to make fun of it some how “look how badly its folded it looks like a paper wad” bye the way the folding was also impressive I couldn’t do it if I saw a video on it. Custard walked off laughing at the origami harry. Lula stuffed harry in her pocket then she said “Custard will be back…” “what do you mean?” I asked she did not answer just looked at me coldly

My comment: what?

Chapter 2 harry does my test, bye henry

Ok I was about to faint when I remembered I hadn’t done my test for math. Thats when Luna came bye talking to Evan about something. Then she dropped something. I picked it up and ran after luna to give it back but my test fell out of my back pack I looked at it and it had all the answers and my name on it when I looked back at the thing luna dropped and I saw it harry paper with a pencil and the study sheet for the test I couldn’t say anything else harry paper had done my test

Evan’s comment :Thats how you got a one hundred

Principle Patric, recorded bye John
Principle Patric: “dear students I am delighted to inform you we are having a school sport”
Principle “its FOOTBALL”
John “yes yes yes yes yes yes”
Principle “try outs start today after school. every time once a month there will be a foot ball game and every student gets free tickets….”
??????? “he he he he he he he”

Evans comment: bye the way John is the most athletic person in are school but I’m gonna tryout any way.

Football tryouts, bye Evan

Ok I got up to the field 1 minute after school an there was already 7 people running around the field [one of them was John he was in first]
“THIRTY SEVAN!” yelled coach brown as John crossed the finish line
I knew I couldn’t beat John but I could get in the top seven. There was already fourteen people behind me when me and seven other people were lined up
I started in last I just jumped and got in front of 6th place. I thought I’d never catch up to 5th but I had to I took faster steps and started to sweat finally I was neck and neck with 5th but I needed to do better to get in the top seven my legs were on breaking point when I stretched in front of 5th place 4th place was not as hard to catch up to but third lost his stepping and almost tripped so I went in front of him the timer was counting up from 37 when I was at least 10 yards from the counter. There was no way that I could make it in forty one seconds but I had to. I nearly tripped with every step there was no way. but then it happened I pasted by Luna with harry paper on her finger my legs started running three times faster than before I crossed the finish line barely stopping in front of John with a grate ball of dust coach brown yelled “FORTY… … ONE!!!!!” the crowd road with excitement I was only four second behind John there was no way I wasn’t second.

The rise of lord fold-a-mort, bye Even again
It was not your normal day John was sitting next to me at the lunch table people were asking how I did it [by it I mean get second in the football tryouts]. Then a cruel evil laughter rose above the crowd it was Custard with his own paper puppet It was… Lord Fold A Mort the crowed parted. When he walked bye Henry he fainted and was carried bye Josh to the nurse.
then He looked at me and said “Well I see you have gotten second in the foot ball tryouts but did y’all know you could tryout for four other teams on campus?”
this was a complete shock I thought we could only try out for one
“And guess who got first… me!”
“Then we’ll see you on the field Custard” Said John everyone in the crowd gasped not because John had said something offensive but they were surprised that he actually talked. Like John never talked at all. All custard did was hold up Lord fold a mort and John fell to his knees and Groaned fold a mort walked away and gave me a cold look then I got shoved into A lunch table and got knocked out the crowd gasped so lowed people said there ears were ringing. when I woke up I was in the nurse’s station

BuckBeek??????, bye John

I don’t know what got into me at lunch that day so don’t ask it just came out without reason. But first I’m glad I said it because Custard later challenged me to a race I knew I could win easily so I accepted. when we got to the field he pulled his Lord Fold mort and mummers something under his breath then he said “go!” I ran as fast as I could but he was faster but there was no way he was actually faster thats when it hit me, really it hit me in the face it was a paper airplane but not any paper air plane it was Buckbeek the glider i grabbed it then I sped up and beat custard bye at-least ten seconds

my comment: ok there is no way Custards winning if you have buck beek

Harry paper vs. fold-a-mort, bye Henry
It was no normal day John was throwing buck beek around and custard was sitting in a corner thats when it happened foldamort shot a lightning bolt at John. I thought he was dead but harry paper saved him it was amazing Harry Paper shot a green light at foldamort he got hit. but john threw Buckbeek in the air and it hit Custard right in the face then Foldamort shot water at Bukbeek and it ripped a hole right through him custard fell to the floor with his mouth open Buckbeek was laying on the floor dead…

Evan’s comment: what! ! ! !!!!!!!!! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We killed foldamort, bye John

It was one day after the death of Buckbeek and Josh came running down the hall screaming “He’s gone he’s gone!!!” little did I know he was talking about you know who. but then Evan came in looking super pale “What happened Evan?” I asked then he spoke super softly “Custard he made an origami dementor” he must have been attacked bye it. “It killed fold-a-mort!” I could start dancing right there but he had to say “When he attacked me I saw buckbeek being torched bye Fold-a-mort”. thats when harry paper came in and said “Fold-a-mort will be back and stronger than ever Evan he will try to kill you…

my comment: WHAT KILL ME WHAT WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!