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DREAMS chapter 2 season 1

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Before i start i want to apologize for the large delay before i posted another DREAMS chapter, i was busy playing Fortnite and doing math, but now, because summer is here, i will be more active! Anyways, lets move on. I present to you, DREAMS chapter 2, season 1.

Kellen got thrown into his locker because he has killed the majestic creture from the last chapter.
He was crammed and chould not get out, luckily, he had his iPhone with him, so he dicided to watch some Youtube, unluckily, the school wifi only let him watch videos at 144p, and even WORSE, the local school district blocked all videos except FunTime!!!
That illigal!!! They banned FunTime a long time ago!!!!
“welp” said Kellen. “Might as well play some Fortnite on my phone” Fortnite didn’t load due to bad school WiFi. “how about Minecraft?” It did not load.
“Slither.io against AI?” Kellen said, slightly annoyed
Nothing worked, so Kellen was trapped in his chamber (locker) for the rest of enternity (but not really)!!!
“Welp, i think i still have some origami paper in my backpack, lets see what OY has to say.”
He folded the paper into a yoda, it did not seem right, he tried again, and again, and again, until finally he got it right, or so he thought.
“Just one more fold” Kellen whispered to himself, when suddenly, he ripped the paper.
Kellen had a moment of akward silence before every one in the McQuarrie Middle School halls heard “BLUERAY NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” echoing into their souls