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Origami Yoda

Daily Ewoks 83 and 85 DJ and Hunter

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Daily Ewok 83 DJ:

DJ is EL’s (See Daily Ewok 4) brother. If you remember, EL had white fur. so does DJ. Sometimes he colors himself with a sharpie so people won’t make fun of him because of his white fur. He learned this trick from EL.

Daily Ewok 85 Hunter:

Hunter colors his fur too, but for different reasons. Even though his name his hunter, he doesn’t hunt. He is actually a vegitarian and vegetables don’t run away when you hunt them! But, he does color his fur for camouflage. This is because he likes to hide and jump out other Ewoks. One time he jumped out at Chad (See daily Ewok 25) when he was trying to throw a spear and it hit a tree and the tree fell over.