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Origami Yoda

Daily Ewok 96 Gilbert

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Gilbert is always tired. He wishes he could be like Todd(see daily Ewok 94):Dream whenever he wants. Unfortunately, it’s different for Gilbert. He HAS to sleep at least 20 hours or he will be drowsing off in class. If he dreams in class, he gets detention. If he gets detention, he stays at school longer. If he stays at school, that means he won’t get to sleep twenty hours. If he doesn’t sleep twenty hours, (you guessed it) he will fall asleep again! Gilbert tries to avoid things like movies, sleepovers, late night activities, and things like that.

(By the way, since we are almost on daily Ewok 100, this will be the last/second of the last normal Ewoks. The next will be special ones, and hopefully you’ll like them. Be sure not to miss 100, because it is going to be really special!)