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Austin_Ms Jedi Academy Theory

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Alright guys. By now most of us have read Jedi Academy. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. Anyway, here is an interesting theory to consider.

We start our theoretical journey in the middle of page 6: The holomessage from Roan’s dad. The holomessage is sent from Alderaan, which blew up in Episode 4. So we can now say that Jedi Academy happened before Episode 4. Next is the top of the back cover, the match between Pasha and Cyrus. Cyrus looks a lot like Darth Maul if you ask me. And Pasha looks a bit like Mace Windu. So, Jedi Academy might have even happened before EPISODE 1!

So now can think that Jedi Academy happened before Episode 1, maybe even before Anakin’s time. Consider this next time you read Jedi Academy.