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SuperFolder CHIPPY_SLUSHER Yah… the unlit version isn’t so good, as it still has the “planning” lines on it, but the lit photo turned out OK…. 😈


SuperFolder CHIPPY_SLUSHER Yup. My 11th Doctor.

12th Doctor

SuperFolder CHIPPY_SLUSHER Yuppity yup.


SuperFolder CHIPPY_SLUSHER an “else-worlds” style tale of what would’ve happened if Dwight got sent to CREF…

The NEXT Showcase! WOW!

Hey SFs!!! Time to get positive around here again, so I forced Sam to finish up this Showcase. (I threatened to take away his BBQ chips…) This Showcase is just AMAZING! I asked SFs to show me where Origami Yoda could go NEXT and they did! I could probably go […]


SuperFolder CHIPPY_SLUSHER yep.

Origami 11th doctor

SuperFolder The_1st_darthvaper I was trying to figure out how chippy_slusher had made his and made this I’m quite happy with it’s two peices of paper with no cuts I don’t remember how to fold it thoughtful needs a little more color

The Declaration of Origami

SuperFolder jedijoey Note: Comment to sign. Do not sign if you already have. If you did sign and do not see your name sign again. WE THE SUPERFOLDERS of origamiyoda.com declare our freedom from trolls and Harveys as we are strong in the Light Side of the Force. We shall […]

11th Doctor

SuperFolder CHIPPY_SLUSHER Took a little while…


SuperFolder CHIPPY_SLUSHER Not the best, but yeah!