Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolder jjfold i dont know what type of origami to makes comment stooky for Roblox , instructions please for Rayman,waflletastic for minecraft, and epic for random drawings. by da way yo origami iz epic

total rockets origami boba fett

SuperFolder cheetah pic 1 picture of boba fett, pic 2 picture of boba fett’s hidden face (like harveys hidden anikin face in darth paper) pic 3 picture of jet pack pic 4 is a picture of the detachable rocket you can fire. say stooky if you want jengo fett. and […]

Help arrives for Sf jjfolder

SuperFolder guillermo When you want to submit a photo for your origami, you make a photo out of you mobile camera and send it as an email to YOURSELF. Then, you go and see the picture in your computer in your email, and you save in your files, then, you […]


SuperFolder Kent_Clark One of my first Avengers, comment if I get 20 instructions please, I’ll post his Instrux

Shredder Thanks

SuperFolder ComicColin Thanks fellow superfolders for watching my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles how to video on youtube. We are already at 126 views! So today I bring you origami Shredder. This is how the original Sheredder used to look.Thanks again for watching and if you haven’t already seen it, click […]

My favorite origami Yoda of my own invention

SuperFolder Aforce This Yoda is relatively easy to fold, but not for beginners. you can play around with the folds for details like a wider body, bigger ears, smaller feet…etc He is a cute and fun to fold, so may the folds be with you!

Kylo Ren Art2D2 Book creation

SuperFolder Metrophius Here! I am back with another creation. This is my Own Kylo Ren. Honestly, it was extremely simple to make. For reference, I used the instrux from art2d2’s guide to folding and doodling. Using the same instrux, you can make one like mine too! Well, enjoy guys! P.S. […]

Marty McFly from Back to the Future

SuperFolder ComicColin An kirigami Marty McFly. With folded hair, arms, and vest. Marty is going back to a time before origami yoda. What trouble will he cause.