Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

the hooded one

SuperFolder crazyfolder100 Hi friends, I made the hooded one! I think he is so cool! but sadly I can’t remember how to fold it I am very sorry! I hope you are enjoying my origami! [by the way I made him up, not bragging]

Foldy wan

SuperFolder crazyfolder100 how are you doing? I made foldy wan! since this one was my first foldy wan I think it would be cool to show one of my first origami

Darth piggy

SuperFolder crazyfolder100 Hi,again I made Darth piggy! [basically a pig in a black suit] I think he is so cool and I will post some instructions later on! hope you enjoy my origami!

empire pickle teen

SuperFolder crazyfolder100 hey guy’s I made empire pickle teen, [I admit it does not look like there’s a pickle]!

Old but I made my own Cover Yoda

SuperFolder LAWFLAME I made the cover Yoda a long time ago and I found it after a while of losing it. Here it is. I know it’s old but I tried my hardest to make it seem like the original that atom made. I even made it out of grey […]

Im back

SuperFolder Randomkitwalker123 After a year or 2, im finally back!! I really miss making origami and posting on Origamiyoda.com . Now im back with something for you guys. A kit fisto vs gen. Greivous. Be on the lookout. Instrux coming soon!

Astromech team

SuperFolder quigonjack This is the team of astromech droids from toms favorite clone wars episode.

Ithorian Instrux

SuperFolder Creepster567 Hi SF’s! As promised, I’m back with the easy Ithorian instrux. In the comments, reply your favorite Star Wars alien. Stooky for Rancor, EPIC for Acklay, or Waffle-tastic, for Mynock! (By the way, on the instructions, FO means flip over)