Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda


SuperFolder jdubblesftuff2 Last Harry paper is coming soon and those of you who have not read my other books you can read them by searching Harry paper. Also, Gryffindorigami will be incorporated in my book. Also if you want me to make a harry paper costume put Stooky on this […]

Countdown to Halloween

SuperFolder guillermo Sf guillermo presents: The stooky doodlely-origami-halloween countdown. Each day till halloween i am gonna make a doodle and post it. For example, tomorrow i will make: 7 blablabla. And the next day: 6 blablabla And on and on until we win, ( Halloween) All the chances are spent… […]

Homemade Origami Yoda

SuperFolder thesimpsonsfan09 My first creation. It was made using instructions for a five-fold Yoda from “Darth Paper Strikes Back.” However, I did not have a 1/4 sheet of paper, so I just folded the paper in half a lot. I also had to use some tape, because Yoda wouldn’t stay […]

Halloween Showcase Week 4 Eyegore from Young Frankenstein

SuperFolder emperorpickletine10 Today, I’ve folded my favorite character from my favorite Halloween movie! Eyegore from Young Frankenstein! This movie is hilarious! It has well executed humor, and everything that comes out of the character’s mouths had me rolling around on the ground from laughter! And the character that made me […]

New Flash Suit

SuperFolder Starkiller2005 This is the new suit from season 4 of The Flash on the CW. Basic C-3P0 instrux with modified Flash helmet. Green Arrow coming soon!

General Grievous

SuperFolder SmoothieMonster Look at what I made

How to Fold Captain Panaka and his Royal Guards Good

SuperFolder Branford In episode l, Captain Panaka and the royal guards help protect Queen Amidala while the Jedi fight the battle droids. (Negotiations) This is the instrux of how to Fold Captain Panaka and the Royal Guards.