Origami Yoda


Origami Yoda

dollar origami Xtras

SuperFolder ultra_yodamaster_8 hay guys me agan i have bin werking on da 1,OOO yoda project and here ar my frst 8. ther is allso dollar origami aka dollarigami!

Daily Ewok 2

SuperFolder SFJishua Introducing Bruce! Being a librarian, he enjoys reading books about the history of his village.

My theme

SuperFolder Stefan Yoda vs Vader

All my Deadpools I made 8

SuperFolder Deadpool_Daredevil Hope you like it. soon a person called TheGhost he’s the best soon I will make 8 different Spiderman suits. -Deadpool_Daredevil

White Yoda 2

SuperFolder thereal2percentmilk This is the same white Yoda, but on my finger.

White Yoda

SuperFolder thereal2percentmilk It took me a while… but I made this uncolored Yoda (white) I did my best to NOT use pencil or marker. Next, I’m going to try and copy that Yoda on the title page.

My cover yoda

SuperFolder EruptomanT14 This is my version of cover yoda . If i get enough request for instructions (20), then I’ll post them. Enjoy!!!