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Princess Lablemaker

SuperFolder Daxtyn I am new I can post instructions if wanted

Cover princess label maker

SuperFolder datderpyfolder702 I have made the cover princess the best that I could. I’ve never seen anyone else make one (because I haven’t looked very hard) but I’m happy with mine. 20 stookies and I’ll make a instrux post!!

My sisters Princess Leia

SuperFolder Yodagetty This is only one of them. She has many others just with different outfits.

Princess labelmaker

SuperFolder stookyfolder101 Stooky folder 101 ! Hands belt and the cloak hand part are all glued on!

Princess Leia

SuperFolder Starwitz Princess Leia. My own fold and it does look a little funky but it’s just like ez yoda in the last book when he makes ez yodas for emergency

Princess Leia Instrux

SuperFolder hiiamflum This is my first time posting, so my picture won’t be perfect, and I hope you like my instrux! The instrux will tell you how to fold Princess Leia. It KIND of tells you how to fold Foldy-Wan Kenobi. There’s a problem though; it’s not a puppet. Still, […]

Princess Lea

SuperFolder Arts2_D2_21 Sorry if I spelled her name wrong. I am going to show you how to make princess Lea.